3 Tips For Removing Snow From A Flat Roof

Posted on: 9 June 2015

If you have a flat roof, you may deal with some snow collection on the surface. There is nowhere for the snow to go but pile up on your roof, so it will require a little more work in the winter. Here are some important things to keep in mind when removing snow from your roof.

Get Prepared

Instead of just climbing up a ladder and removing snow, you should take a few preparation steps first. Before you head up to the roof, clear the area around the perimeter of the roof where snow is going to be falling. Move any objects that might get covered or damaged by falling snow when you begin cleaning the roof. Also make sure you have a flat, stable surface to put the ladder. You may need to clean snow off the ground before finding a good place for the ladder.

When selecting a ladder, be sure it is tall enough to allow you to step off the ladder and onto the roof. You should not have to climb up. Lastly, wear protective gear, including sturdy work gloves and boots that are slip-resistant.

Use a Snow Shovel

The first part of removing snow from a flat roof requires a snow shovel. Make sure it is a shovel specifically meant for snow, as they are built for this purpose. The bottom portion of the shovel is wider, larger, and can handle more weight. Your traditional backyard shovel will not get the job done. Lift piles of snow from the roof with the shovel and dump them on the ground, being careful not to walk too close to the edge of the roof. As you shovel the snow, be careful not to scrape the roof's surface. When you get down to the final inches, put the shovel aside and switch to the broom.

Remove Snow by Hands

Once you have removed what you can with the shovel, you need to start removing some of the excess piles with your hands. The reason you do some of it by hand is because snow piles get caught in areas that can't be accessed by the shovel, such as in the gutters, and near the soffit and fascia. Near the edge of your roof, snow gets impacted and the shovel is not safe near these areas, so it is best to wear thick gloves and remove the snow with your hands. Once you have done what you can with your hands, you can use a broom to sweep off the rest.

If you notice damage to your roof at any time, contact a roofing contractor like Better Contracting Services to schedule the needed repairs.


The Importance Of Roof Repair

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