Do Shingle Colors Matter In Terms Of Energy Efficiency?

Posted on: 29 June 2017

If you recently lost a significant number of shingles on your roof from a major storm, the roof repair company might tell you that you need the entire roof replaced. The good news with this is that your homeowner's insurance might cover some of the costs, since the damage was weather-related, but the bad news is you might still have to pay for some of it. As you prepare to get a new roof, you might want to choose the color of the shingles carefully as they can affect the energy efficiency of your home.

Why Color Matters

Asphalt shingles are the most popular material used for roofs on homes today, and they come in a variety of different colors. Some are very light in color, while others are very dark, and the color you choose can affect the energy efficiency of your home.

In general, dark-colored shingles will absorb more heat than light-colored ones. Because of this, it's important to understand how this can affect your home, and you can then choose the right color for your roof replacement job.

The Effects of Dark-Colored Shingles

Research shows that dark shingles absorb more heat, and the result of this is a hotter attic. If shingles absorb a lot of heat, the heat will penetrate through the roof and into the attic. Hot attics can make homes somewhat hotter, so a dark roof may make it harder to cool your home. If you live in an area that has a lot of cold days, choosing a roof with dark-colored shingles might be a good idea, as they may help heat your home naturally from the heat the sun provides.

One other thing to consider is the effects dark shingles have on snow. Dark-colored shingles tend to help snow melt faster, which is why these are good to have if you live in an area that snows a lot.

The Effects of Light-Colored Shingles

On the other hand, shingles that are lighter in color tend to deflect heat, which means the attic stays cooler and so does the inside of the home. This is why homes that are located in hot climates will often choose light-colored roofs. While most homes do not have white shingles, there are options such as light gray or light brown, and these are both great options if you live in an area with hot weather.

The color of shingles does effect energy efficiency; however, the effects are not major, which means you can choose whatever color you would like for your home. To learn more, contact a company like TRM ROOFING that offers roof repairs. 


The Importance Of Roof Repair

One day last month while it was raining outside, my wife and I noticed that water was dripping inside the house. We placed a bucket under the drip so the water wouldn't ruin the floor. The next day, I called a roofing company and a contractor came to the house and inspected our roof. The contractor discovered that several shingles were missing from our roof and that's what caused the leak. The day after the roof inspection, the roofers came to our home and replaced the missing shingles. That night it rained again and my wife and I were glad that the roof leak was fixed. My name is Timothy Warren and I'm writing this blog to inform others about roof leaks and the importance of roof repair. I hope that by reading this blog, you can avoid costly damage to your home because of a leaky roof.

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