3 Things To Know About Addressing Damage To Your Roof

Posted on: 19 January 2018

If your roof has sustained damage due to a storm, you are going to want to get your roof inspected and get to work fixing your roof right away.

You Have Time to File a Claim

If a major storm just hit your area, you don't have to rush outside as soon as the storm passes to see if your roof was damaged. However, it is always a good idea to inspect your roof in a timely manner and to call your insurance company if you suspect that your roof sustained damage. Generally, most insurance companies give you a year to file a claim; however, you should file one sooner than that, because you don't want roof damage to go unrepaired for that long.

Choosing A Roofing Company

Once your insurance adjustor has come out to your house, inspected your roof, and determined that it was indeed damaged, it is time to get the repairs done. Similar to getting repairs done on your vehicle after an accident, your roofing company cannot tell you what roofer to work with.

You are able to call around and find the roofing company that you want to work with. It is always a good idea to get quotes for a few different roofing companies to ensure that you find the right one. Make sure that any roofing company you choose carries their own worker's compensation and liability insurance.

Getting The Work Done

When your roof has been damaged in a storm, it is important to get the work done in a timely manner so that the damage does not get any worse. If you let the damage go untouched for months, you could develop leaks and other issues that your insurance company is more than likely not going to cover.

Along the same lines, once your insurance company gives you the money to fix up your roof, they are going to expect you to complete the repairs in a timely manner. If you don't get the work done, you could end up losing your insurance coverage. Your insurance company expects you to fix your roof promptly when they have given you money to do so.

After a storm, if your roof was damaged, get in contact with your insurance company and with a local roofing company to repair the damage as quickly as possible. You want to fix the damage in a timely manner so that the damage doesn't spread any further and cost you additional money. Contact companies like RLHayes Roofing & Repairs for more information.


The Importance Of Roof Repair

One day last month while it was raining outside, my wife and I noticed that water was dripping inside the house. We placed a bucket under the drip so the water wouldn't ruin the floor. The next day, I called a roofing company and a contractor came to the house and inspected our roof. The contractor discovered that several shingles were missing from our roof and that's what caused the leak. The day after the roof inspection, the roofers came to our home and replaced the missing shingles. That night it rained again and my wife and I were glad that the roof leak was fixed. My name is Timothy Warren and I'm writing this blog to inform others about roof leaks and the importance of roof repair. I hope that by reading this blog, you can avoid costly damage to your home because of a leaky roof.

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