3 Signs You Need To Have Your Shingles Replaced

Posted on: 9 February 2018

If you're like most people, you rarely pay much attention to your roof. In fact, you might not pay attention to your roof until you've got a leak in your house or you need to inspect it after a storm. Unfortunately, ignoring your roof can leave it susceptible to some serious damage. If you've got asphalt shingles, serious damage doesn't always require a complete roofing replacement. Sometimes, it can just mean that you need to have a few shingles replaced. Luckily, shingle replacement can usually be taken care of in just a day or two. Take a look at the problems listed below. If you're dealing with any of them right now, you need to have your damaged shingles replaced.

You've Got a Mold Problem

If you've got debris on your roof, or you live in an area that experiences significantly high humidity rates, you may have a mold problem on your roof. Mold is a problem that should be taken very seriously, especially when it's on your roof. If left alone, mold can spread to neighboring shingles and then down through the shingles into the plywood deck and through to your home. In some instances, mold can be washed away. However, if you've got a significant mold problem that hasn't gone away with washing, you'll need to have your affected shingles replaced. If the mold has grown through to the black roofing paper, you should have that replaced as well.

Your Roof Has Visible Pest Damage

When you think of pest problems, you probably think of issues inside your home. Unfortunately, pests don't just destroy the inside of your home. They can also destroy your roof, especially pests such as squirrels and raccoons. Unfortunately, pest damage on your roof can leave your home susceptible to a multitude of problems, including leaks. If you've discovered pest damage, such as chew and claw marks, you'll need to have a roofer come out and replace those damaged shingles. You should also inspect your attic for signs of interior damage as well. It's also a good idea to contact an exterminator.

The Wind Has Removed Some Shingles

If a windstorm has come through and blown a few shingles off your roof, you might think that you can do without them. However, even the loss of just a few shingles can cause serious problems for your roof, and for your home. Don't ignore those missing shingles. Have them replaced as soon as possible. Be sure to have your roofing contractor inspect the rest of your shingles to make sure they're secure.

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The Importance Of Roof Repair

One day last month while it was raining outside, my wife and I noticed that water was dripping inside the house. We placed a bucket under the drip so the water wouldn't ruin the floor. The next day, I called a roofing company and a contractor came to the house and inspected our roof. The contractor discovered that several shingles were missing from our roof and that's what caused the leak. The day after the roof inspection, the roofers came to our home and replaced the missing shingles. That night it rained again and my wife and I were glad that the roof leak was fixed. My name is Timothy Warren and I'm writing this blog to inform others about roof leaks and the importance of roof repair. I hope that by reading this blog, you can avoid costly damage to your home because of a leaky roof.

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