When It's Roof Replacement Time: Stick With Asphalt or Make a Change to Slate? Here's What You Should Know!

Posted on: 18 April 2018

Asphalt is the most common roofing material today, so if you need roof replacement it probably seems logical to get a new asphalt shingle roof. However, it might be worth your time to think about another roofing option that is rapidly growing in popularity: slate roofing. The two options couldn't be more different, so if you're ready to consider a roofing change you'll need to know the following things to guide your choice. 

The Cost: What's Cheapest?

In terms of cost, asphalt shingle roofing is by far the cheaper option. In general, slate roofing is about twice the price of asphalt shingle roofing. However, it's important to remember that the initial cost of the roof replacement isn't the entire story when it comes to price. Since slate tiles have considerably more longevity, the cost can even out over the years. 

The Lifespan: How Long Will Your New Roof Last?

The lifespan of asphalt shingles is variable based on shingle variety and geographical location. In general, asphalt roofs last around 15-20 years before they need to be replaced. Slate roof longevity varies based on the type of slate (hard slate lasts far longer than soft slate) and on the geographical location. Slate roofs have a far longer lifespan: 60-150 years on average. 

The Look: Which Has the Most Appealing Appearance?

Asphalt shingles are generally thought of as the default look for roofs -- in fact, 4 out of every 5 homes have asphalt shingles today. While asphalt shingles are normal and expected, they're not generally perceived as a stunning topper for a home. Slate is different, as it's visually quite unique. A slate roof can be extremely striking, making it look completely different than all the other homes nearby -- even if they're very similar in appearance otherwise. 

The Upkeep: How Much Care Will Your New Roof Need?

Asphalt shingles require a moderate amount of maintenance. Generally, roofers recommend that you have your asphalt shingle roof inspected and maintained once or twice a year. If wind, hail, or other environmental factors cause damage, you'll likely need replacement or repair of individual shingles in between the regular maintenance. 

Slate roofs require fairly little maintenance -- usually, yearly inspections are sufficient, along with spot repairs as needed. As with asphalt shingles, environmental damage may necessitate replacement of individual tiles in between the regularly scheduled inspections. 

Both asphalt and slate can be good choices for your roof replacement. However, if you're ready to try something completely new and unique, this might just be the right time to reap the benefits of slate tile roofing. Contact your local roof replacement expert for help today.


The Importance Of Roof Repair

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