How To Tell If You Need Professional Roof Repair

Posted on: 11 July 2018

Have you decided to give your home's roof a closer look after a big storm? If so, you may be wondering if the damage that you see requires professional roof repair. You may think that the roof is still in good shape because it's not physically leaking, but these are some reasons you should have repair work done to fix the roof.

Shingles With Missing Granules

Your roof's asphalt shingles will be covered in tiny granules, which look like small pebbles attached to the surface. These granules actually provide the shingles with protection from the sun's harsh rays that can damage the surface. As the roof sees more wear and tear from harsh storms, the granules will fall off the shingles. You'll noticed a bunch of granules in your gutters, at the bottom of a downspout, or just notice that the shingles are bare and missing them.

Missing granules are a good reason to have a roof inspected and repaired. Bare shingles means that they are near the end of their lifespan, and you should get them replaced soon.

Shingles That Are Curling

Another problem that you may have noticed are shingles that have curled upward around their edges. This damage may not have been caused directly by the storm, but due to being exposed to extreme heat. This can happen to a few individual shingles, or affect the entire roof. It is best to have the shingles looked at by a professional and decide on if it is worth it to only replace a few individual shingles, or if the rest of them are near the end of their life and worth replacing together.

Shingles That Are Missing

An obvious reason for roof repair is if you see any shingles that are missing. This can be easy to overlook unless you look at the entire roof as a whole. There may be shingles in odd places that are missing, but hard to see from the ground. That is why you need to get up to your roof with a ladder and check places where shingles may be missing.

Flashing That Is Detached

Flashing is used to prevent water from getting underneath your roofing material. Any flashing that has become detached from the roof will need to be reattached. You'll find flashing around anything that sticks out from a roof, such as a chimney, so make sure these areas are secured with flashing that is not allowing water to get behind it.

Thankfully, getting your roof repaired isn't too big of a hassle. Whether you need storm damage repair or a complete replacement, you can always find a professional to help you with your needs.


The Importance Of Roof Repair

One day last month while it was raining outside, my wife and I noticed that water was dripping inside the house. We placed a bucket under the drip so the water wouldn't ruin the floor. The next day, I called a roofing company and a contractor came to the house and inspected our roof. The contractor discovered that several shingles were missing from our roof and that's what caused the leak. The day after the roof inspection, the roofers came to our home and replaced the missing shingles. That night it rained again and my wife and I were glad that the roof leak was fixed. My name is Timothy Warren and I'm writing this blog to inform others about roof leaks and the importance of roof repair. I hope that by reading this blog, you can avoid costly damage to your home because of a leaky roof.

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