Latest Roofing Choices For Commercial Properties

Posted on: 12 September 2018

As a business owner, your building's roof is important. It needs routine maintenance and the occasional replacement. If you've recently purchased a new building and are considering having the roof replaced right away, consider some of the newer commercial roofing trends and their potential benefits for your business. Here are a couple things you should talk with your commercial roofing contractor about.

Go Green

Green roofing is one of the latest movements for commercial properties. Green roofing will help your company to reduce the environmental footprint of the building. There are many options, including living roofs and sustainable materials. Choosing a green roof is important because it helps to minimize the demand on the environment. Particularly if your company is one that focuses on conservation and sustainability, this would be a good idea for your brand image.

Keep Your Cool

Cool roofing is a growing trend as well. Cool roofing is made from materials that reflect more of the sun's rays, reducing the amount of heat absorption on your roof. The key to cool roofing is selecting a roofing material that is light in color. Black or otherwise dark roofing materials will absorb light and heat, transferring some of that heat to your interior space. By choosing something that's lighter in color, you won't have the same thermal transfer, so you can reduce your cooling costs as well.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reducing waste materials and opting for recycled roofing is another great way to be kind to the environment. When you choose recycled roofing material, it reduces the amount of fossil fuels needed to produce your roofing material because you won't need brand-new material. In addition, buying recycled roofing materials is actually cheaper for your business than buying new materials.

You can find a variety of roofing types in recycled materials. Whether you're looking for asphalt shingles, EPDM rubber roofing, or even metal roofing, there are recycled options. Your roofing contractor can help you source them.

Switch To Solar

Installing a new roof is a great opportunity to streamline other things in the building, too. One growing trend is installing solar panels along with your roofing or installing a roofing material with integrated solar panels. With these options, you can convert your business to solar electricity, which will help reduce your basic utility costs at the same time.

For more information on these options or others you can consider, contact commercial roofers like Leon Construction.


The Importance Of Roof Repair

One day last month while it was raining outside, my wife and I noticed that water was dripping inside the house. We placed a bucket under the drip so the water wouldn't ruin the floor. The next day, I called a roofing company and a contractor came to the house and inspected our roof. The contractor discovered that several shingles were missing from our roof and that's what caused the leak. The day after the roof inspection, the roofers came to our home and replaced the missing shingles. That night it rained again and my wife and I were glad that the roof leak was fixed. My name is Timothy Warren and I'm writing this blog to inform others about roof leaks and the importance of roof repair. I hope that by reading this blog, you can avoid costly damage to your home because of a leaky roof.

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